Make Profits from MSW Treatment Plant

The Beston Group is a devoted team that has been engaging in years of intensive research to produce the best MSW treatment plant for recycling waste products. The recycling plants are effective and efficient at converting municipal wastes into useful substances which are economically valuable. Beston municipal solid waste treatment plant has helped many counties such as Malaysia, South Africa, and Indonesia fight the problem of environmental pollution. Besides controlling the pollution menace, Beston Machinery has helped many countries across the world convert their waste materials into valuable substances.

Beston solid waste treatment plant

Beston Solid Waste Treatment Plant

Summary of Operation Principle

The following points explain the fundamental steps that are involved in the operation of the solid waste treatment plant.

– The plant has a rotary system that distributes the waste materials for easy sorting.

– Large materials such as trees, branches, and stones are separated manually from the garbage.

– The waste products are passed through a screening machine that sorts the waste materials depending on their sizes.

– On top of that, a powerful magnetic separator is used to lift magnetic materials from waste products.

– The solid waste treatment plant can be adjusted accordingly to fit every production need.

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Determinants of the MSW Treatment Plant Cost

Several factors determine the pricing of the solid waste treatment plant. It is essential to understand these factors so that you can make a viable decision when planning to purchase a waste recycling machinery. They Include:

Solid Waste Treatment Plant for Sale

Beston Solid Waste Treatment Plant for Sale with Reasonable Cost

1. Costs of Components

The various components that have been integrated into the waste recycling plant are critical at affecting the cost of the plant. Expensive components lead to a higher overall cost of the machinery, while standard equipment translates to lower plant costs. Beston Group is your best choice because it manufactures high-quality machinery at the best price.

2. Costs of Waste Disposal Systems

Waste disposal components are equally essential to consider when commissioning the MSW treatment plant. They are vital because they ensure that all waste products released by the plant are safe for the environment. Expensive disposal mechanisms translate to costly treatment plants and vice versa.

3. Size of Occupied Land

Waste treatment plants are designed with varying sizes and designs. Plants that occupy large pieces of land cost more than those that occupy smaller pieces of land. The BFX-400 plant produces 20 tonnes of output per hour and covers approximately 3000 square meters. On the other hand, the BFX-100 plant covers about 2400 square meters of land and costs less than the BFX-400 plant.

4. Level of Technology Integrated

Another critical factor that determines the cost of the waste recycling plant is the amount of technology that has been integrated into the plant. Plants that have highly advanced devices cost more than those that have low technology integration. Beston waste recycling plants are designed with the latest technology that makes them unique and different.

5. Degree of Automation

The Beston company designs fully-automated and semi-automated machinery. Fully-automated plants cost more than semi-automated plants because they eliminate human labor from the production process.

Solid Waste Treatment Plant Design

The waste treatment plant is composed of the following systems/components that function together to transform waste materials into treasure:

1. The Plate Feeder- The feeder provides the platform that conveys the waste materials to the distributing machine.

2. The Distributing Machine- The machine spreads the waste materials over a large area to simplify the sorting process.

3. The Crushing machine- The bag breaking machine is used to break the waste materials into smaller pieces.

4. The Screening Machine- The screening machine is composed of a rotating platform that sorts the waste products into different categories depending on their sizes. The device has a 50-mm aperture that separates materials that are smaller than 50mm and those that are larger than 50mm.

5. The Suspension Magnetic Separator- The machine is used to lift iron materials from the sorted waste products.

6. The Packaging Machine- The machine is composed of a hydraulic system that compresses and packages plastic materials.

Design Benefits of the Solid Waste Treatment Plant

1. The system can work for 24 hours daily for continuous treatment of waste products.

2. The solid waste treatment plant is composed of PLC systems that are efficient at controlling and monitoring the activities of the machinery.

3. The mechanism is designed with explosion-proof systems that protect the plant from fire accidents.

4. The waste treatment plant is automated to eliminate mistakes that come with human operations.

5. The plant is designed with world-class technology that maintains the efficiency of the machinery at its peak.

In summary, it is vital to know the above design features and cost determinants of the MSW treatment plant brought from Beston Group China to help you make the right choice when commissioning a waste recycling facility.